Thursday, July 18, 2013

West Coasting PT.3 / A West Coast State Of Mind

Letting the masses know what it do; check out the West Coast state of mind..based on West Coasting! 

Classes are in session;  some are acting like they knew!! but I can see they're stressed...even though they're bragging and boasting! 

Aggression was shown..subtle or blatant; other jokers were swagging ...Love Rollercoasting like Ohio Players! 

Sonic aggression from O-Dizzle and O-Zone was the response!! as we go there!! toasting them and those with hazardous material!! say your prayers!
Check the aggression as the ozone layer is penetrated!! like the Mars once thick atmosphere!! but what we have is spiritual..on so many levels and layers! 

Go on with your bad self player!! keep it pimping were the instructions from the ATLiens considered true players!

O-Zone had the wealth!! a plethora of the good word..epiphanies are on the clearance rack! 

In the danger zone with a West Coast state of mind..based on West Coasting from the ATL to Oakland; the Lord gave us clearance for that!

In the danger zone? another will fear that!!  like Whitey Bulger was still out on the street..

What are some on?  it'll have them bankrupt like Detroit..while we were trying to fill the void..repelling the alt shift delete...

What are some on? rolling like the GOP trying to keep the IRS controversy stirred up..

What are we on? still rolling with the West Coast state of the George Zimmerman trial verdict had Oakland stirred up..

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