Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Saga / Struggle Continues Routines Rites and Rituals PT.6

Checking out another episode..whats the mode?  the saga / struggle continues! 

Wrecking the stolen vehicle after running up in the spot like ATL ATM smash and grabbers / habituals?

 Hell naw!!  O-Dizzle is wrecking beats while I write this good word ....other routines rites and rituals are followed! 

Hell naw!! whats the dizzle?  I heard, seen and felt what was going down; others were obese after the doctrine was swallowed! 

No mistakes allowed per Eric B and Rakim; but I cleaned up the mess like somebody cleaned up mine! a janitor..understand a bro? not down with fakes acting brand new!! vigilantes were vigilant like George Zimmerman after my kind! 

Now vigils are held for Trayvon Martin!! what were haters starting?  my kind are tired of the way it goes down!  please!! jokers even act ill over in Italy disrespecting their first black minister...

Broken beats and English used to instill awareness...check the good word and funky track from this minister..

Check out what I some act the deal goes sideways;  armchair quarterbacks hide plays..but O-Dizzle throws down!

But the reign began with a drizzle while O-Zone was peeping game! 

The saga / struggle continues..some go through their routines rites and rituals;  others were sleeping in the game!

A brotha continues to get breakbeat scientific with it...creeping up in the game...

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