Saturday, July 27, 2013

I've Seen It Before

I've seen it before!! jokers were Cavalier like Cleveland when they had Lebron...some were like a dog that bit the hand that fed them! 

But Cleveland is coming up with Kyrie Irving and Andrew Bynum;  so maybe I'm lying...maybe Cavalier like Virginia in the ACC...feel me?  but I spotted some waiting in the dark after the system misled them! 

O-Dog even bit the hand that fed him!! check the steady bombardment of the enemy position! 

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors contribute to the grey area scenario;  check the condition! 

It's no joke...checked the Bay Area Scenario while West Coasting..from LA to The Bay they're not joking..peeped game when I was out there...observing the scene..

As we go for broke like those 1,000 prisoners in Benghazi...other jokers broke north...stressed..earlier bragging and boasting like they were powerful like the Wolverine.. 

As we go for broke...but some said I was missing something!!  I've actually seen it before like a TV Land rerun! 

Broken beats and English is part of the rebuttal against jokers  that want to see this man come undone! 

I've seen it before!!  so whats done?  being elusive is conducive! my survival / to my arrival;  so like the Merkaba or the  Grand Sextile on July 29th  ...I slide through the portal / the conduit! 

All the way live bro!!  its how a con would do it!! at least that's what a hater said! 

Transmitting live bro!!  based on what I've seen before;  not what an irrelevant issue debater said!

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