Tuesday, July 23, 2013

They Were Restless

Chaos and confusion reign like Detroit going bankrupt...check the ongoing reign of terror;..now the natives are restless! 

Taking a loss or losing is real!! but were champions... check our team out chilling at the White House...these Louisville / Newburg natives refuse to let matters get the best of us! 

Bloodshed on the old rugged cross took care of real matters; issues? put a stamp on them!!  but Babylon continues to stress us from Sanford / Orlando aka O-Town to Oakland / Oaktown! 

Misled!! waiting in the dark!!  business as usual for earthlings;  I noticed this after the mothership broke down! 

I noticed my folk were going down!! it didn't matter if they were at the top or bottom! 

It seems like its open season on a brotha; like over in Egypt its shoot first ask questions later if you spot them! 

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