Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Caught Up In A Moment Of Time PT.5 Critical Stages Of Development

In the meantime and between time;  I'm caught in a moment of time! 

Observing the scene...after being caught up in the system / matrix; the enemy was armed and dangerous like George Zimmerman; whose bearing witness to the crime?

Ready to roll after I heard and seen what goes down; a joker faked it!! like some bugs were immune to the lime that was put down!

 Ready to heard? its like were observing the scene like the NSA X-Keyscore they put it down...
Ready to roll after the critical stage of development;  but they said the process is ongoing! 

Uranus Pluto square goes down until 2015;  met by Mars in Cancer; so whatcha knowing? 

Whatcha growing in secret gardens?  they ask;  they said I acted like a secret squirrel! 

I told them about the industrial strength renovations and innovations after the woodwork / hard board / hardi-plank was ate up by a squirrel! 

The drama will unfurl like rolling with Whitey Bulger!!  or like riding through what was once industrial zones in the streets of Oakland! 

West Coast version of Detroit?  but not bankrupt..of course Rush Limbaugh blamed it on race...whats the case? please!! just check the information overload...the corrupt haven't got open! 

West Coasting?   it was a critical stage of development;  now I'm ready to move on to the next! 

Thought and fashion police stressed;  bragging and boasting..making the simple complex!

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