Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Saga / Struggle Continues; Still Dedicated To The Truth

.....Was caught up in the flim flam / caught up in the matrix;  bearing witness like no justice no peace per Trayvon I'm dedicated to the truth!

What are jokers starting / disputing? ....I'm carrying a I had an old school blackjack!  I had to provide proof! 

Like Putin telling haters to try Viagra...the truth will set you free was the catch phrase / I get that way and stay that way! I was peeping game like Helen Thomas...R.I.P. ; the truth was provided by insights and intuition;  that's why I pray! I have the response to that and this...that's why I play the brand new funk;  plus drop this good word! 

How did jokers play me?  acting brand new in the ATL!! they were getting crunk like they smoked some good herb! 

Real or synthetic? like Wall Street controlling raw material supply chains..things were pathetic...some will get kicked to the curb after the drama goes down! 

....victimized by the deliberate falsehood; oh yeah... like Charles Barkley  per the George Zimmerman trail...whose acting false in the hood after the drama goes down? 

As we deal with it; whose trying to start with me? O-Dizzle throws down!! everybody ain't able..but  maybe somebody will understand me! 

As we deal with it;  trying to be real with it!! interrupting the elaborate fantasy!

As we deal with it...where did the mothership land me? stranded on this earth where jokers are flipping out...

Like up in Cleveland per Michael Madison and Anthony Sowell..its not hard to its not hard to fail...I stayed one step me in Atlanta rolling down I-20...dipping out... 


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