Thursday, July 11, 2013

West Coasting

I heard what was said!!  some wouldn't rest!! Flipping Out!! they continued bragging and boasting! 

Meanwhile I dipped on them; I was out in San Francisco / Oakland ....West Coasting! 

Chicken and hot dogs roasting on the beverages were drunk..out in a compound out in Castro Valley!

.....Wasn't looking for asylum like Edward Snowden!! contacting  Hugo Chavez's Venezuela or Raul Castro's Cuba...not trying to act brand new with ya..usually posted up in the lab;  the good word and funk is dropped...but I was chilling out in Cali! 
Jokers get foul with me due to the low cash flow; couldn't buy gas at Hugo Chavez's Citgo station...we're all  subject to G8 and G20 policies! we were sequestered..not swagging like G Money over on 82nd Avenue and International Blvd in Oakland!! no jokes like Uncle Fester!! as I express these clearance rack epiphanies!

....But God blessed us;  not acting irrational!! the clouds had a silver lining per Father Aidan McAleenan at the St Columba Catholic Church over in Emeryville! 

Its not odd!! the system stressed us!! but we deal with it!! as we were West Coasting; now were letting you know the deal!

Its not odd!! we weren't slacking or coasting like BART workers out in the Bay previous episodes I told you the style was blue collar...

Its not odd!! these Asiatic brothers  had skills...please!! unlike Asiana Airline some say were foul with it.. like George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin..they wanna holla....

Its not odd!! now dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..were back with it..dedicated to the truth...not shady like Microsoft cooperating with the NSA...

This squad puts it down from Orlando aka O-Town on out to San Francisco and Oaktown...this is how we play...

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