Saturday, July 13, 2013

West Coasting PT.2 (Way Way Out There)

As we proceed and three our tours like Gilligan and them...the flight was four hours from the ATL to were gettting open...dropping this break beat science based on West Coasting! 

True indeed!! but we continue to go for ours...please!! even if were way way out there...but its rough!! whats on the menu?  some are stressed while others were slacking or coasting! 

Over in Egypt the military hit up jokers ...they were toasting them if they were down with Morsi! 

Meanwhile I'm trying to get over the hump like the middle of the week...real with it!! carrying a sword of truth; its needed!! based on the more I see!

Looking at it with a fresh view / fresh vision;  but seeing grey area scenarios!

Flying first class on Delta Jets!! headphones on listening to the Thievery Corporation..whose the richest man in Babylon? I'm  contemplating Bay Area Scenarios! 

Not lying saying I was first in the class!! but I did do the knowledge ....but what was I on? I even made mistakes like NTSB and  Asiana Airlines pilots! 

....even shut down the city like BART workers in San Francisco....even accused of being foul with it! 

But I'm in it for the long the heart of it...going the extra mile with it!!  dipping down 580 over in Oakland! 

Others were trying to stall!! waiting in Russian airports like Edward Snowden! 

Plans were put in motion; now were running through airports like OJ through LAX back in the day! 

Damn!! ....were caught up in traffic!! like on 101 in San Francisco ....seems like a slow speed chase in Ford Broncos like OJ! 

Damn!! were caught up in the George Zimmerman trail a jury of our peers deliberates..meanwhile Sonic Assaults are unleashed / mathematics are dropped teaching some a lesson;  that's how we play this thing! 

Deliberate Falsehoods are rebuked...whose acting false in the hood? spots get nuked...based on West Coasting!! not erratic with this!! were doing the damn thing!

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