Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Here We Go Again / Back From The Hiatus

Typing this into the Samsung phone; back from the hiatus...once again its on!!  but its like hearing the Chuck D voice on Bring The Noise...here we go again! 

Hyping this up like the apparatus will? naw!!  whats really going on? its like witnesses in the George Zimmerman trial...whose strung out?  null and void is the status..once again! 

Now some want to get open like I was in the Nissan Altima out on 580 in Oakland..or maybe like Edward Snowden;  but its for a limited time only! 

Like fast food commercials; but a fast fool will try to work those!! check the methods and means!! unlimited!! crazy in the danger zone!! thats how will it be! 

Whats the deally?  like coups in Egypt per the Egyptian military;  doing what they gotta do per John Boehner....we soon find out after safe havens and safe harbors get raided! 

I mean really...elaborate fantasies unravel!!  de planes de planes!! Fantasy Islands get raided! 

I mean really..I understand this based on whats stated per the Asiatic bruh from Oakland / San Francisco...elaborating on grey area scenarios...

Feel me on this...as we get open..letting you know the deal..more training than Asiana Airline pilots ...check the Bay Area Scenarios..

Bets get faded in the crap game; I have memories of hood casinos in Victory Park up in Louisville!

History repeats;  here we go again!! now back on I-20 in the ATL..shaded or tinted windows in the Honda Accord hide the identity;  only a few know the deal! 

As we hit you up with the real!!! its authentic...back from the hiatus...damn here we go again!

As we hit you up with the real...check the status...so whatcha knowing?

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