Wednesday, July 24, 2013

West Coasting / West Coast State Of Mind PT.5

I've been back in Atlanta for a while....but its seems like I'm still West Coasting! 

Still rocking the Bay Area vibe / the West Coast state of mind; after soaking up game out in San Francisco and Oakland! 

Chilling at the game... watching the Oakland A's back in Atlanta rolling with the tribe...rocking this breakbeat science; hopefully breaking bread like Nabisco, Sara Lee, Rainbo or whoever!

... Merita was up in Charlotte...bought out by Flowers  per the Hostess deal;  meanwhile I'm in the heart of it..face to face with a the danger zone; run by the supposedly cunning and clever! 

Please believe a bruh!!  I'm trying to make the most of this...I'm trying to take things to another level!! like Abu Ghraib escapees or even  like teenagers dipping from Facebook I'm dipping in the Mothership! 

This pilot is trained!!  unlike Asiana Airline representatives; this brotha will get scientific! 

Others were foul with it;  Mamby Pamby land / Pollyanna vibes were soon exposed as null and void! 

I pressed the button / hit the dial;  I got on with it!! soon West Coasting!! God blessed us..filling the void! 

Jokers were bragging and boasting like Mohamed Morsi saying they weren't leaving; its not odd!! they wanted up!! then they stressed we would be feeling the void!

Jokers were swagging like little homie out on High Street in Oakland ..but he couldn't get open..soon his contract was null and void! 

Other jokers were sleepy like Floyd; soon they were misled..waiting in the dark!

 Meanwhile we kept it moving...West Coasting!! out in Oakland rolling down Interstate 580 / vehicles were waiting in park!

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