Monday, July 15, 2013

Caught Out There / Caught Off Guard

Reality is full of surprises!! soon in the Reign Of Terror.. your caught out there... it'll catch you off guard! 

Fatalities of spiritual warfare litter the landscape;  whose acting hard? 

These clearance rack epiphanies are similar to Flavor Flav with the clock letting you know what time it is! 

No clearance given for that!!!  stranded like Edward Snowden in Russian airports; whose fair in these sports? please!!  referees and officials misbehave!! soon you'll find out about this!

Word from Sanford Florida?  oh yeah!! they had the word for George Zimmerman skates off! 

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!!  but it can work on all levels..speculators soon find all the bets and rates are off! 

Catching some off guard....chilling out in Mamby Pamby Land or Disney World! 

Catching some trying to act or play hard!! now acting different after the drama unfurled!

Batching up this freshness was hard...Wishing It Was Simple!!  it was a hard job but somebody had to do it..

Latching onto or wishing on a star per Rose Royce?  maybe circle Neptune like that new moon?..acting like we knew it...

As we go through it...everybody is; because of Neptune Retrograde? or we can blame it on Mercury?

As we go through it...I even felt the pressure..caught out there...caught off guard..trying to find somebody to work with me...

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