Friday, December 17, 2021

The Workshop (Part Four)

 Fabulous Friday is celebrated! Thank the Lord, it’s a blessing to be here! you better act like you know!

Flashback Friday? elaborated on in these remote outpost musings, broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta! by now y’all should know how we flow!

If not? welcome to the workshop, we’re putting work in of a breakbeat scientific manner!

Blue collar style, rocking a hard hat with the lantern on top, lime green safety vest and steel toed shoes? we should be, that’s the vibe or nature! somebody will understand a brotha!

Checked the style of others, so how were they working it? we jumped to the conclusion that it’s all game! the players and mascots on that other team seem like they had microchips implanted.

Incision behind the ear, no shots in the arm per Covid vaccines! per the conspiracy theory was 5G granted? Mage mutterings? robust, like Trump with help from Mark Meadows encouraging the insurrection soon players are huddling then frolicking and rollicking. Now exiled after they flagrant fouled in the game or even at the Capitol scuffling / rule mocking. 

Plus a fool was knocking the hustle like jokers underestimating the Omicron Variant; even questioning the byproduct of this workshop!

Old school / new school / next school methods are utilized when this good word and the sound is dropped!

O-Dizzle cosmic slopped like a Funkadelic when he gets retro futuristic taking it back to the future!

Knowledge is dropped by O-Zone up in this workshop, we’re not trying to act brand new with ya!

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