Friday, December 10, 2021

The Big Picture / Grand Scheme Of Things (Part Nine)

 We’re out here on local, national, international and intergalactic frontiers looking at the big picture!

Blessed to see this Fabulous Friday, in response dropping the digital crate digging /  big sound plus going big with this scripture!

It’s part of the breakbeat scientific grand scheme of things, enhanced by Flashback Friday vibes. 

We had to make a break for it, retro futuristic when getting free from those that plot and scheme on these tribes. 

Check the vibes, we bathed in light that’s provided by Sagittarius sun rays.

Check the vibes, we’re fighting injustice and oppression with these breakbeat scientific methods as these nefarious ones try to run plays. 
Enlightening them and those by looking at the big picture, noticing the slippery slope is congested with shady players! Like I-285 in the Atlanta area; somebody will understand a brotha out here clocking the grand scheme of things; when I rise? I’ll say prayers.

No surprise! prayers, faith and then actions seems to be a winning formula after looking at the big picture / grand scheme of things.

Prize pursuits are restrained by us, but evil ones gained! like the Trump presidency the treasury ones loots plus a devils advocate robs / kills / destroys / shoots doing the damn things!

Disputes are part of the big picture / grand scheme of things what do you expect from these earthlings?

Boots are on the ground as we use the good word and the sound! this is how we work things!

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