Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Workshop (Part Three)

 Concepts are revisited per the HumpDay Extravaganza, old methods are refined as we continue to put in this work. 

The workshop is up and running even during this so called holiday season; this is not Santa's Workshop  for what it’s worth!

Out in these Atlanta streets? merchandise doesn’t seem to be moving from the stores but I see Amazon, FedEx and UPS pulling up in different places so even though they'll deal with porch pirates and  scams are up I guess the business is in the cyber zone. 

Out in these Atlanta streets? we’re working it all out in a different way, beats blast after we got the machine set plus the good word is dropped by O-Zone!

It’s on! the workshop is up and running as breakbeat scientific principles are utilized!

The big picture / grand scheme of things is visualized, the sequence analyzed like scientists trying to sequence Omicron like I said it’s on! naysayers will be surprised!

But some will say it’s all for naught,  but this so called elaborate fantasy produced the hint of a smile!

A concocted reality? a parallel universe? that’s what others are in but soon conditions were foul. Not trying to waste your time or mine acting casually so the workshop is up and running but some act helpless, that’s the style soon exhibited! Soon they’re caught up in the system / matrix! they’ll deny that application to leave; told you to deal with it!

Meanwhile we’re caught up in this good work, we couldn’t fake it, we’re real with it!

This workshop is up and running with this good word and the sound, our constituents are feeling it.

Providing relief but they’re also feeling it due to going through it, I keep telling y’all it’s rough out here!

We’re coming through with this HumpDay Extravaganza, like the Staple Singers taking you there!

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