Monday, December 06, 2021

The Big Picture / Grand Scheme Of Things (Part Seven)

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us, actually it’s a bonus / it’s a blessing to be here!

Especially if you’re big picture watching, not quitting / stopping trying to move forward / taking it there!

Society? not playing fair, it’s evident when you visualize the sequence / the grand scheme of things!

Looking at it like scientists sequencing the Covid Omicron Variant; we see these crooks trying to plot and scheme up on things!

We’re feeling the pressure, Doctor O is taking his own medicine relaxing in the hooptie listening to some jazz, chilling out in the park under the cold Sagittarius New Moon...

... in conjunction with the Solar Eclipse; climate damp / murky; should know how the work will be, oh no! then somebody grabbed me! What's the function? microchip planted under the skin, by the apparatus? damn! 5G real soon?
Supposedly like conspiracy theorists say about Covid vaccines? O-Zone is looking at the big picture / observing these scenes, oh the secrets these earthlings keep!

I see how they work things / how they creep as I look at the grand scheme of things!

Some will get caught out there like the Crumbleys up in Michigan; plans fall apart after they plot / scheme up on things!

O-Dizzle? he’s taking it there! the drums will be the main weapon utilized when he goes big with the mixture.

The drizzle? it preceded the reign in the grand scheme of things, the big picture!

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