Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Workshop (Part Five)

 This good word started on a Sunday, this breakbeat scientific business continues on the Sabbath: it never ended.

Lord forgive me for opening the workshop but this work is needed there’s spiritual significance in this operation! I didn’t play the fool the Main Ingredient mentioned, my honor defended. Gatekeepers block the stairwell, was it on my behalf saying this won’t end well? Hate won’t keep us, Blessed and Highly Favored per the Clark Sisters, I mentioned it earlier! that special justice won’t fail.

Haters try to creep up on us, stressing us while we’re in the workshop but they’ll have to catch me out on the edge of forever. Haters sleep on us / they weren’t checking for us but will I face the music, similar to Michael Jackson’s Thriller? That type of scenario? I’m not having it! while I’m all up in the spot / the workshop I scroll through the terms of service. It’s not fair bro! I see how they’re trying to play it! they’re mad because I wasn’t at their service! 

Plus I see how they’re trying to swerve with it, they keep trying to run out the clock like Trump insurrectionists…

…or even Joe Manchin opposing expansion with the Mitch McConnell collaboration; I see what the deal is!

It’s like the old four corners offense ran by Dean Smith when he coached North Carolina.

Meanwhile four track recorders were tweaked by that beatsmith O-Dizzle and O-Zone operated like a wordsmith up in the workshop; that’s where you can find these brothas.

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