Monday, December 27, 2021

The Workshop (Part Nine)

 As Monday morning shifts into Monday afternoon the workshop is up and running, even during this holiday season. 

Christmas just passed, New Years Day is next as 2021 comes to a close; it’s been a long ten years, somebody can “see what I’m saying”

We’re coming through with no delaying, the Journey continues, plus the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on as we move on to the next!

We’re still getting busy in this workshop, no time to quit / stop even though the sport is complex! 

Oh yes!! the sport is complex! busy in the workshop previously but endeavors came up short; the rise and the fall will forever haunt my dreams. The past episodes? I tried to let them go by being in futuristic mode but the chat room? it’s busy full of Trump Patriots full of contagious whispers about plots / schemes. Spiteful, there’s no pity from the street committee they’ll even investigate like the January 6th Select Committee, the naysayers are out here smiling. Enlightening though, we know no one will Pity The Fool per Mr. T so we’re trying to do better, no longer fouling.

Frightening though as we get the machine set to work it all out, stepping into tomorrow per Donald Byrd.

Exciting though, simultaneously! we’re doing what we do dropping this sound and the good word!

Check out the byproduct of the workshop as we come through blue collar style, the last of a dying breed.

We’re conducting ourselves in an orderly fashion / governing ourselves accordingly but with thought and fashion police we’re still clashing because we’re giving my people what they need!

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