Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Sport Is Complex PT. 9 (We Know How It Can Get )

It's all good!!  I started writing this on Good it's a few days later...but I still realize the sport is complex. 

Easter Sunday just left....somebody told a good lie to the whole spectrum is's from Easter Outfits / Suits to Haz-Mat suits..we know how the sport can get..

Beauty or the beast? stores report sales were weak..famine or feast? what we have is spiritual..please!! it's that season!! but these churches are corporate with it. 

When will the madness cease? what's the reason?  America and Russia facing off in Ukraine like Nicolas Cage?  just making a sport of it..

No justice no peace!! usually heard at the pep rally per Rev. Al Sharpton...but that's what's up with me and my folk!! the season didn't change!!  it's business as usual. 

...From the ATL to Nigeria from Oakland to Syria;  punishment is cruel and unusual. 

..From Louisville / Newburg to Pluto, Mars to Johannesburg;  it's not unusual to deal with the chaos and confusion.

The sport is complex!! with Phil Jackson in New York  just check out who's winning and losing. 

The sport is complex!!  but we come with the next..cruising through the galaxy...intergalactic with it. 

The sport is complex!! check the losing and winning streaks..a fanatic will manipulate it. 

The sport is complex!! but I escape the sporting complex / coliseum..needing to be rebuilt like Oakland's...

We didn't abort this mission..we're on to the next...rolling!! from the ATL to Louisville..from Detroit to St. Louis..we're all struggling like my peeps out in Oakland..

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