Sunday, April 13, 2014

Caught In A Moment Of Time PT. 6 (Still Chilling Out)

Ok...I admit...they got me!! so now I'm caught in a moment of time. 

But I'm chilling out...we proceed and continue to put it down like this due to timing...who knows!! like Manny Pacquiao beating Timothy Bradley?  you may have caught me in my prime.

Chilling out...but jokers want to see me caught up in a crime like Oscar Pistorius..authorities even say they found out where the pistol was!! 

 But they may have planted it...earthlings take my people for granted....after the mothership landed down here on earth where the drama is. 

Caught in a moment  of time; damn!! I thought I had a safe haven / safe harbor but the arch nemesis is back on the premises.

 Damn!! I ran them away a while back!! I was reflecting on past episodes while outback..check the chronicles..but I know how it goes..I spotted them back on the premises.

 During the ongoing development?  shade tree mechanics made empty promises like politicians. 

This is a critical stage of development.... hearts bleed after NSA intercepted transmissions. 

This is a critical stage of development;  the devil will get all up in the details. 

Caught up in a moment of time... easy like this Sunday morning per Commodores? some entered church doors for the pep rally / praise and will they work it?  like that strategy fails?

How will we work it? this ongoing strategy tells a lot...who knows!! I just might be on the right path with the right math...

Caught in a moment of what's the strategy? I'm moving to the next level..I'm on my way up..but avoiding the corrupt like Herbalife...who's contributing to the toil and strife? I'll have to roll with the right staff... 

In The Meantime I'll Be Chilling Out ; Check This Mix Out By O-Dog As Sunday Jazz Continues...

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