Thursday, April 17, 2014

The I-85 Chronicles / The Special Edition

So what's up?  this is a special edition of the I -85 Chronicles.

 I'm not up in Charlotte..I'm cruising through the the heart of it.. consumer inflation is high but I'm still handling business!! it's a's my response to these and those. 

Still feeling the effects of the I-65/ I-75 Chronicles..I'm still trying to process the information so there's no overload.

Still feeling the effects of the Gangsta Chronicles..checked social media per the Mexican Cartel drug overlord.

 Still feeling the effects of Louisville / Newburg gangster responses to these and those per the mob violence;  the FBI said Chicago was trying to move in. 

Bumping heads with Detroit on some old Black Mafia type business when Big Meech was showing and proving. 

I'm humping like the middle of the screech in the hooptie as I dip down is a Marathon so I keep it moving!! those kind of targets are hard to hit!! that's what I told shawty down here in the ATL. 

Now they're gone....R. I. P. ...once again it's on as we keep moving!! unlike the botched kidnapping of the North Carolina prosecutor's father we're hoping this coping strategy doesn't fail. 

Some are acting brand new with a brotha..nobody seemed to be checking for me anyway...that could be a good thing. 

Dipping down I-85 in Atlanta letting the hustlers hustle and the players play...while I do my thing. 

Doing what I do..all the way live with it..I'm even intergalactic with it..even chilled out on the earth like planet called Kepler 186f

Acting like I knew...check out this Special Edtion of the I-85 response to these and those? I go on with my bad self!! 

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