Monday, April 21, 2014

The Sport Is Complex PT.8 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

The saga / struggle Golden State beating the Clippers ...I bear witness to the sport being complex.

 Ah!! it's spring in the ATL with high pollen counts..somebody mentioned a pollen reminders that this world is cold per the polar vortex. 

NBA playoffs are on and popping!! who's up next?  watch out for Miami or Indiana being beat by Atlanta ....or San Antonio. 

Please!! you'll get played / fired like Mike did I play it off? I dipped up to Louisville / Newburg plus Indiana on that I-65 / I-75 Chronicle type scenario. 

What's good son? I know how the sport will gets complex!! even though an American won the Boston Marathon team members were still wishing it was simple. 

The ATLien said keep it pimping player!! that's what they told me..I kept on is a the ATL?  I pimp through.

 But it's hard out here for a pimp per Hustle and Flow and per the latest economic indicators.

 Those injured walk through with a limp!! even though they had taps on the Stacy Adams and Steve Maddens!! supposedly hustlers and players...but acting like they're mad at this brotha..they were really player haters!!

....rolling through like New England aura is fortified with layers due to the ongoing onslaught.

I know the sport can get complex;  Tea Party Patriots try to use Patriot's Day as a jump off..we fight back with the Sonic Assault. 

..Especially after the situation got out of control...ear shattering gunshots exploded like it was drone strikes in Yemen ...I see casualties all around me... 

Please!! check how the brotha O-Dizzle runs these spots...funky is how the sound will be...

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