Monday, April 28, 2014

Chilling In Attack Zones During The Solar Eclipse

Once again it's on..the Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Taurus is on deck..the saga / struggle continues!!  they've got me chilling in attack zones. 

Oh yeah!!  I'm in the ATL..but into darkness one slips;  it's similar to Somalia or Pakistan with attacks by drones.

...or rather were under attack by these clones dipping in the Ford Taurus with attitudes..similar to  Donald Sterling or Cliven Bundy in Nevada.

Comical like the Bundy family on Married With Children? ..on the flip side others go all out!!  that's here in Dekalb County per the 220 Gottem Gang ...supposedly the real Purp Gang ...much hotter. 

Where did you spot a bruh? I'm back on I-20 in Atlanta...  just left Louisville where street gangs / facebookers like YNO and TYS were being investigated by the FBI. I'm back down here where I'm face to face with a crook  that'll plot and scheme on a brotha!!  in Georgia with Nathan Shady Deal type legislation that says guns can be carried anywhere...Dirty Harry said make my day...don't even try!  

Down here in Georgia?  some "bruh or bama"  mentioned he was off work because it's Confederate Memorial Day..his monkey ass probably doesn't know the reason behind it. 

Atlanta..the so called promise land / the land of milk and honey;  by the city lights?  some are blinded. 

Meanwhile I'm chilling in attack zones on this Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Taurus.. we're minding and tending to this breakbeat scientific business. 

Check the style;  were dealing with the madness in these's a good thing we know what the real is. 

Plus we know what the deal is..that's why we focus on moving things to the next level...

The saga / struggle we launch this sonic assault on the next devil...


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