Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Full Moon Madness / Some People Were Going Through It

 So what's up?  they've got us caught up / out here!! we're dealing with this full moon madness.  

...also dealing with this Lunar Eclipse..it's all on the Libra / Aries axis.

 But we proceed and continue...due to Venus and Neptune ..some were like the Luniz...they had five on it!! so they holla at the Clipse.

...who were grinding..please believe this!! the full moon madness is some crazy business!! I see how an earthling flips.

 I was minding and tending..all up in the spot chilling!!  basically I was on some next level type business..but I noticed the morale was low.

 It seems everybody was going through it!! due to the full moon things were intense!!  the process seemed extra slow. 

These extraterrestrials know what it do!! we peeped game before the mothership crash landed on earth. 

Spotted the blood moon..others were out of tune..some people didn't want to let it go when change arrived!! they didn't understand what it's all worth. 

Broken systems made the heartbleed..it was hard to plant a seed..but these salt of the earth residents provide flavor!! but were not throwing salt into the game. 

That's what chefs in Hell's Kitchen do...act like you knew!!  it's all game. 

The full moon madness shook things up..now my peeps are caught up in the game / system / matrix. 

Morale is low due to policies and procedures implemented by those that faked it. 

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