Sunday, April 27, 2014

Did We Have It Made? Please!!! I Can't Call It..

 What's really going on?  per one of my blogs..based on what I'm going through?  I told dude I can't call it. 

Did we have it made? please..jokers talk slick like Donald Sterling; ....that's how some work things? please!! it's not  hard to tell..but O-Dog is going off on them!! ..knowing these danger zone residents aren't benevolent..your business?  they'll run and tell it. 

Those type catch phrases and cliches are evidence of the ongoing chaos and confusion.

These days? I'm on some outback chronicle type of business..catching Taurus sun rays..somewhat easing the April Grand I go off!!  oh yeah!!  earlier this month?  on I-65 and I-75 I was cruising. 

Now I'm back in Atlanta..dipping down I-20...using some of the insight and knowledge took a minute or two to process.

...reminded me that some things "ain't right" ..but unlike the South Korea Prime Minister I'm not turning in my resignation.....acknowledging I have to deal with it and not stress it. 

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