Saturday, April 26, 2014

It Can All Go Sideways

 Checking the situation out..without a doubt!! like the South Korean ferry..things can sink like Corvettes in Bowling Green.. it can all go sideways. 

Without a doubt....once it was all good like the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour was magical for a moment!! but then the arch nemesis enters the premises..chilling in secret hideaways. 
I knew what the street does..they were watching!!...just check I had my doubts..the sideways glances revealed the outcome as  habituals continue to go through their rites and rituals.

We go all out with this!! squaring off like Nene and Jimmy Butler...that's whats up with a brotha!! but haters say these are hazardous materials. 

What we have is spiritual!! were not dancing with stars like Nene: plus this is no ATL reality show...whatcha know? were trying to take it to the next level; trying do the right thing per Spike Lee!! but these haters will put us to the test. 

This is what it do  as we get breakbeat scientific with it!!  we weren't dancing with the devil...we're floating through the stars in the galaxy...intergalactic with it!! but these earthlings  fight me and my peeps so we can't get any rest.

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It Can All Go Sideways

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