Saturday, April 26, 2014

High and Low Technology

Shade tree mechanics were up to their old tactics..I spotted them using high and low technology...they called themselves mechanical engineering. 

Lately?  fanatics were also flexing from the Ukraine to Nigeria to out on the West Coast in the Bay Area..check the social engineering. 

Check these mathematics..I'm trying to stay afloat..not trying to sink like the South Korean ferry...I'm trying to maintain and change at the same time!! steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor. 

...even though they can get raided..soon hope faded after the mothership  crashed landed on earth due to mechanical failures...or was I hijacked like Flight 370 from Malaysia?  it's hard out here for a player!! hatred?  society harbors.

 I clashed with these earthlings that thought they were Titans not just from Tennessee...where I spotted 150 foot crosses in the eastern part of that state along with impeach Obama signs..player haters and snitchs dominate the population. 

Doing the math..had to admit...high and low technology is I try to recover from April's Cardinal Grand Cross...Good Samaritans will get jacked for theirs!! society thought they were weak.. soon feeling pain and anguish!! no joy and elation. 

This good word? I share with them...along with the brand new funk I  try to take it to the next level by following these breakbeat scientific principles..

What's good? whose fair with them in love or war? some try to act brand new..even when cartel gatherings produce agreements per Fatah-Hamas...opposition is met..some want us to pause..they consider themselves invincibles...

The deliberate falsehood will convince those that their position is valid...meanwhile this math we bring is considered hazardous material...

High and low technology is used ..analog and digital....through the galaxies plus hoods from ATL to Oakland we cruised..what we have is spiritual...

High and low psychology used!!  O-Dog wasn't getting foul with is dropped..

O-Zone will rock with the apparatus will clock we jazzed it up, dropped funk and hip hopped... 



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