Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Heard What Was Said / Nobody Wanted To Hear That

 I heard what what was said!! but at the end of the day? nobody wanted to hear all that! 

All that slick talk got some in trouble..some were "wrote up"  by authorities..prayers were said about that. 

Oh yeah!! some were ready to "fess up" like the California hit man that worked for the Mexican Cartel..those sick with it or slick with it we're put in quarantine. 

Oh yeah!! I'm still chilling in attack zones..just got back from Louisville after chilling in the Newburg and California I'm  breakbeat scientific with it after observing the scene.

Now I'm ready to roll...I'm on my way!!  putting it down from the Bay Area in California to the ATL..but I wasn't fresh and clean per Outkast! 

Rocking an urban uniform during the ongoing storm..Arizona jeans,  Old Navy blue jean jacket, Nike Air Maxes;  knowing the mouths / guns will soon blast.

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