Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm In Attack Mode Due To The Information Overload

The strands of information were coming in too fast!! but maybe not fast enough for Malaysia Flight 370 passengers families...who will understand these? was it information overload? 

Slum Village mentioned falling in love..but that'll make your webmasters say the system is down but we continue to get down!! we're in transformation mode! 

Check the transportation; the mode ? still dipping in the old school Toyota Camry like immigrants in Clarkston Georgia. 

Check the instigation like shoes thrown at Hillary Clinton...the mode;  boy please!!  jokers say they didn't understand me or this breakbeat science!! belligerent?  why were they trying to start with a bruh? 

Check the instigation..were in attack mode...funk is dropped like George Clinton's Atomic Dog...but I had to admit;  I was slipping into darkness like War!! in some matters?  I wasn't diligent like I should have been. 

But now O-Dog is dipping through the universe in the mothership..aliens told me how the funk should it's on once again. 

A brotha gets scientific with it..dealing with the information overload. 

What's the prognosis?  I had to analyze the I'm in attack mode. 

No lethal doses were taken..I kept track of the code...I went back to the source per I-65/ I-75 I'm back on default settings..

Time for breaking beats and writing this prose is's the response to these and those...they're trying to make sure history is repeating...

In Louisville the youth were dipping..breaking through the streets..a self defeating strategy or were they down to Plan Z?

What's the deal? what's the prognosis? I analyze the information...rebuking the overload...getting breakbeat scientific...that's what the plan will be...




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