Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Perspective PT. 2 (Still Breaking It Down Like This)

The saga / struggle continues;  but dude said it's all good based on your perspective. 

A brotha is trying to take it to the next level..up in souls kitchen preparing these the meal good / nutritious?  oh yeah!! expect it. 

That's how a bruh rolls..still breaking it down like this on Easter Sunday...Jesus was resurrected..but peeps are still disrespected..

Pope Francis chilled at the Easter Mass in the Vatican..he prayed for peace in the Ukraine and Middle East..but the drama has been going down since day a black man over here? no justice no peace is business as usual..that's expected..

Understand this? class is in session with the Sonic Blackjack and the good word..I'm teaching some a lesson..ruthless like the Taliban? naw!!  not acting brand new with this!! oh!! I could give you a sob story!!

...based on out of control testimonies referring to ear shattering gunshots that exploded in this hostile territory.

...based on fame and glory escapades?  I'm in the ATL..home of reality shows from Mimi Faust to Nene to Kenya..using a hot style to tell the story?  

It's all game...drama will jump off from Nigeria to Kenya to the ATL..for real though!! meanwhile we conduct raids like Russia vs Ukraine; what's up mane? this is what we're on..check the story..

It's all is a marathon!!  I run it like the homies from Kenya or Jamaica

Optimistic like Sounds of Blackness based on the real reason for Easter..not the corporate one...the perspective?  keeping it real I'm not a faker.

Check out this futuristic mystic..I'm back with's the season..I'm rolling like a baker up in soul's kitchen..

Check the perspective..I'm still breaking it down like this...we're not through dealing...

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