Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Outback Chronicles / Chilling In Attack Zones

Once again it's on!!I keep fighting like the Ultimate Warrior.. check this attack zone edition of the Outback Chronicles. 

The saga / struggle continues!! like the Ukraine ignoring ultimatums from Russia concerning gas imports we ignore haters..we go all out for that!! it's the response to these and those! 

Mentioned earlier...per the old school baptist preacher? ..the devil will oppose!! please!! I even spotted the animal corpse in my  backyard..caught up in the matrix / system? collateral damage or a sacrifice? 

Humans do exhibit intelligent design..but check the instincts..most are animalistic..word from this futuristic mystic!! "it ain't nothing nice"

We kept it moving before the endangered species became extinct... we had to sacrifice though;  materialistic ways are over and done with. 

There's spiritual significance in this operation!!  please!! considered armed and dangerous when I bring this thesis? the higher power I stay on the one with.  

....Hazardous material when we brought the drum with this good word?  please!! what we have is spiritual...were on a higher mission.

We come back with this!! back to back with this!! like planes flying over my home on the way to Hartsfield's hard out here for a field n#gg@ you living? 

I track the air traffic in Louisville while chilling at Kingfish on the waterfront..five planes in a hour compared to ten while I sit outback on my deck. 

Dealing with the Chemtrails here in Atlanta..meanwhile I get breakbeat scientific with these's all natural like the carpenter bees trying to eat the wood on my deck!

Dealing with these fanatics trying to start this and that..please!! they'll make your heartbleed!!  true indeed!! like Mike Vick as a New York Jet I knew I wouldn't get any I'm chilling out in attack zones..

Check these outback chronicles..real with these mathematics plus the snares and 808s as we rebuke the hate..check the Sonic Assault / attack on these clones...



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