Sunday, December 05, 2021

Harvey Mason - Hop Scotch

Sunday Jazz Continues on a Sunday evening, a perfect time for this jazz vibe. 

Check out these menus as we rock these venues, doing this for the tribe!

Oh yes! excuse us as we’re still on that jazz/funk vibe...checking out Harvey Mason with a track called Hop Scotch! something funky!

Mr. Mason, a great jazz session player throughout the years, also known as the drummer from The Headhunters, Herbie Hancock's band; known for being funky!

...this cut has the same players...Paul Jackson on bass, Bennie Maupin on the saxophone...Herbie Hancock on keyboards...and of course Mr. Mason slapping the drums...

Check it out y’all, as we come through on this Sunday evening! once again it’s on!

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