Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gulf Coast Escapades ( I-10 Meandering)

It's going down!! Gulf Coast Escapades occur!! out on I-10 cruising from Mobile to Houston...

Usually on the First Coast in Jax but I needed a change of scenery, trying to relax!! sometimes it seems like I'm cruising for bruising..

Didn't brag or boast, talking a good game like Melania Trump borrowing a few words from Michelle Obama!! choosing to take the assignment though it'll lead to drama like Mission Impossible Rogue Nation..

Ethan Hunt!! for the truth we gather / hunt!!  beats thump as we dip down I-10 headed to Houston!! going rogue in this nation?

Hunters / gatherers rolling like Gavin Long aka Cosmo Setepenra?   naw dude!! but I did have a cryptic tweet binge for ya,,,

What will this staff do for ya? during the ongoing charades Cosmic Karma was dealt with: black man stay strong is what they told me!! do let the streets do ya!!

More math for ya per these Gulf Coast Escapades / I-10 meandering, cryptic tweet activating; is ground zero? 

 The path will have us all engulfed in flames; no justice no peace slandering? #TinaTurner? no need for another hero

During Ramadan? ISIS will get it on /  the drama goes on!! but not mad at anybody's religion.

Let's Get It On per Marvin Gaye as we Transcend and Transform.... not showing scorn it's all love!! we rebuke the Social Engineering.

Let's Get It On!! we continue to play with this breakbeat science and mechanical engineering, it's of the Sonic Variety.

During these Gulf Coast Escapades ( I-20 Meandering) we're ignoring so called experts, pundits and others; trying to lie to me.

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