Saturday, July 09, 2016

Adding My Two Cents PT.6 (The I-20 Chronicle Edition)

 Breakbeat science is dropped when adding my two cents: but I only receive pennies for my thoughts..

Breaking minds off with this; making any sense? concepts are combined with I-20 expeditions in Atlanta, chronicled in these Sonic Assaults...

Cricumstances are debatable per conditions in America: being built or torn down? it's going down!! I started a new one after seeing what it'll do to one!! now adding my two cents.

Recognized the pattern...the portal was rocky, it had more potholes than the City of Atlanta!! somebody should have told Mayor Kasim Reed when he was at the #AtlantaProtest.

Just got back from out beyond Saturn, so who'll understand a brotha? sources of danger to the world lie within us.

Out here on I-20? dude tried to dip in the broke down Saturn rocking a so called ATL banger: the beat was basic and the raps were incoherent; who knows what the deal is? 

External stimuli? we wonder what the real is, some were lying to us; old or even a new creatures of habit? plus internal stimuli circumvents!! now some are angry!! they feel like they can't move forward.

Feeling like Micah Johnson in Dallas, feeling the malice?  Some feel like they're in a holding pattern, like I mentioned per the DMV Showcase or here at Hartsfield Jackson in Atlanta!! some couldn't leave, accused of being a coward.

What's the response son? the deal soured, there's no Contract With America per Newt Gingrich even though he's trying to hook up with Doanld Trump!! reality? upside the head it'll thump!! there's no one of a kind love affair like The Spinners.

What's the response son? the deal soured!! per the Persuaders there's a thin line between love and hate / also a thin line between the losers and winners.

What's the response son? I'm hardheaded, it's hard to persuade us!! I always have to add my two cents to the mix...

Still out here dipping down I-20 in Atlanta per these Chronicles; refusing to be caught up in the system / matrix...

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