Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gulf Coast Escapades (I-10 Meandering) PT.2

 Check out these Gulf Coast Escapades, based on I-10 meandering from Mobile to Houston..

Checked out of the asylum, charades ongoing due to lack of understanding? old dude in Mobile who was a Trump supporter said be blessed, after I told him I was going to Houston...

The system? a foul one!! it has us all coming and going / cruising for bruising!! who's blessed? all I see are sideways glances aka the stink eye...

The system? a foul one!! whatcha knowing? making quotes like Melania Trump, dancing around issues so folk won't think it's a lie...

The smell? a foul one!! oil wells off of I-10 in Louisiana and Texas were kicking!! part of these Gulf Coast Escapades.. 

Trying to spell it out to one or another but who'll understand a brotha? I blow in like Saharan Dust hitting the Gulf Coast; Donald Byrd mentioned Wind Parades..

Cruising down I-10 in between Mobile and Houston, chilling!! others with Texas license plates zoomed by /  sailed on like The Commodores!! meanwhile O-Dog rocks!!  after walking through those doors!! mountains scaled!! player from the Himalayas?

Alter Ego?  O-Zone has the Good Word!! multi-dimensional, no mental blocks!! needing a surrogate..aura has many layers.

Ground zero? at the moment it seems to be #BatonRouge,  things can be covered up like rouge; now I'm out on 1-10 in Houston, I dipped from the community.

Exercising mental muscle, facing a coup like I was in Turkey  but I had diplomatic immunity.

Chilling in the Southwest / out on the Gulf Coast but others act brand new with me / they can't work with me!! they play a brotha like I got here the other day, but some even jacked my swagger.

Dealing with the madness; peeping game /  I spotted the O-Jays backstabber....with a dagger.

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