Saturday, July 23, 2016

Adding My Two Cents PT.7 (I-20 Chronicles Continue)

As we roam the universe, or actually just down I-20 in Atlanta, we're in the Mothership minding and tending / handling business.

Soon rolling down Candler Road in Decatur, spotted dude in the Chevy Impala listening to some Herbie Hancock from the seventies,  but that's the business.

Adding my two cents, hip to God's business!! please!! what is this? in the midst of intelligent design vs. evolution He's blessing us / he replenishes: check the message the drum brings.

Adding my two cents per this breakbeat science business!! bumping heads with drama queens and kings...

But God knows real kings and queens were part of our heritage: royalty!! so I'll play the role.

....But I told Pharoah to let my people go!! no loyalty shown? he'll just play with their soul.

Meanwhile?  I'm rolling up in the hooptie after Gulf Coast /  I-10 meandering a week ago;  now I'm listening to  91.9 WCLK, they're playing Pharoah Sanders /  next up is Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

Check the style; somebody understands this scoop, I didn't have to water it down for them like drinks in the club: excuse me for being intergalactic like Captain Kirk...

Excuse me for putting in work, an outsider like local residents not benefiting from the  Rio Olympics: salt thrown into the game, check the dynamics...

....Has me wondering about the return on my investment:  pennies for my thoughts when Adding My Two Cents? 

Acting like I knew this!! meanwhile in Kabul ISIS will act a fool with this!! plus dude in #BatonRouge told me he felt the pressure...

Acting like I knew this!! still rolling down I-20 doing the math, writing prompts for adding my two cents!! you know the wilderness has a test for ya!!

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