Monday, July 04, 2016

Streetsounds - 80's Funk Mix (2016)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Fourth of July; somebody mentioned Independence Day but it's business as usual, act like you knew: why ask why?

Digital? analog? funk is on these menus, this is what we do: as we exercise independence, getting free and staying free!!  it's business as usual, act like you knew: why ask why?

Usually waxing poetic about conditions in this world, as the drama unfurled from Iraq to here in the ATL...

Chillaxing: trying to get over it!! the funk is unfurled per this Streetsounds - 80's Funk Mix dropped by the  DJ Dimsa - Living Lounge, it'll caste a spell..

The playlist and the mix will tell you the directions we're headed in on these streets, boulevards and galaxies...

We're not playing with this!! we get breakbeat scientific, usually exposing society's fallacies...Let's Go!!

01 00:00 Skool Boyz - Superfine (1985)
02 04:44 Cashmere - Do It Anyway You Wanna (1983)
03 10:21 One Way - Shine On Me (1983)
04 18:26 The Winans - Let My People Go (1985)
05 23:30 Evelyn King - I'm In Love (1981)
06 29:04 Funk Deluxe - This Time (1984)
07 33:48 Instant Funk - Just Because (1983)
08 39:15 Atlantic Starr - Think About That (1980)
09 43:37 BT Express - Uptown Express (1985)
10 47:52 Sass - City Life (1985)

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