Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ron Trent - Love To The World

Sunday Jazz Continues!! earlier #SundayMorning vibes were experienced, maybe a tipping point..

Maybe in a positive way; let the jazz play!! vibes elevated!! Are You Experienced per Jimi Hendrix? keep living per the old school Baptist preacher, you'll reach that point..

In a positive way? Ron Trent will rock the joint!! Love To The World will be the message in the music.

Positive vs negative is the play,  the drama will unfurl like Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt, meanwhile we gather / hunt; peace would be conducive... 

Don't go lose it baby, that was the word from Hugh Masekela, we tried to convince the non believer / under achiever not to lose their mind, heart or spirit...

Per this  Ron Trent track, Love To The World is the message: now the devil is mad, he'll fear it...

Check out the track...Let's Go!!

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