Monday, July 25, 2016

Gulf Coast Escapades (I-10 Meandering) PT.4

One week ago? I was on I-10 on the way back from Houston, trying to make it back to Atlanta...

Wreak havoc? no!! my constituents do that on their own: cruising for bruising?  somebody might understand a brotha!!

 Gulf Coast Escapades (I-10 Meandering) was no joke!! it seemed I was riding into the storm from #BatonRouge to Mobile!! storms blew in from the Gulf Of Mexico...

Reminded of Hurricane Katrina charades: riders of the storm like the Doors / Jim Morrison? it seemed like Lake Pontchartrain was ready to overflow...

Throwing shade is the system's move; Scores calculated while rolling down I-10, meandering: will the pontiff pray for the plaintiff? no justice no peace was part of the petition..

Shady due to the rainy / cloudy weather on I-10? cloud formations were heavenly!! portals spotted near the rainbow!! pot of gold location?

Naw dude!! went to a pot of gold location before and it led me to the hood, so what's good? the answer was right in front of me, all I had to do was look up.

The atttude? staying on point avoiding Debbie Wasserman Schultz types at the DNC with the deliberate falsehood ; soon a brotha had an epiphany; now *Adding My Two Cents* in the lab.. tonics I'll cook up.

The attitude?  the vibe? while down in the the south / southwest folk in the district act like they're all shook up!! like they were listening to Elvis Presley.

The attitude?  the vibe? I wasn't feeling #ClintonKaine2016 or even #TrumpPence16 , though they try to kick knowledge to me!! it doesn't impress me.

The longitude / latitude? back in the #ATL rolling down I-20  after the Gulf Coast Escapades (I-10 Meandering) but usually Intergalactic!! getting good mileage in the Mothership, moving at a High Velocity.

Fanatics contribute to the madness on earth, check out the charades!! but I have diplomatic immunity, I'm God's Property.

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