Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kraak and Smaak – Real Pain

This is how it’s going down on a #TerribleTerrificTuesday; that means it can go either way..

Positive? Negative? what’s the perspective? armchair quarterbacks were in the huddle; what’s the play?

Let the music play per Barry White!! he mentioned dancing the night away as he was going through it…

Let the music play as insight is dropped!!  some are dancing with the devil at the disco inferno!! some are going through it!!

Kraak and Smaak with Real Pain knew it; they asked the question: love, heartbreak, loneliness, being broke? nobody recorded a song about real pain?

It’s on jack per this #TerribleTerrificTuesday as we continue to drop breakbeat science; just trying to maintain..
Kraak and Smaak – Real Pain | Whats Really Going On?

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