Thursday, July 07, 2016

Adding My Two Cents PT.5 (Pennies For My Thoughts)

The saga / struggle continues!! your dude is adding his two cents in even  on a

Hunger and thirst are the fuel: society still plays us like a fool per Alton Sterling in  ;  they try to play us like we're unworthy

 Hunger and thirst are the fuel: who'll work with me and my people? we're dealing with a and ; choose your poison. 

Reality thumps us upside the head: it's either like the Gap Band or  brought the noise in!! 

Reality thumps us upside the head: lose your poise in Minnesota? Philando Castille type outcomes are what we have to deal with...

Adding my two cents: at the service desk returning what was sold ya!! breakbeat science is dropped, something to be real with...
So what's the deal with it? spotted the sources of danger to the world:  inside instead of outside.

Prayed to the source / the higher power!!  I'm not a stranger... staying on one accord...not left outside.

Excuse me, but it's Hood thing!!  still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta  in The Old School Toyota Camry used by immigrants in Clarkston and Chamblee Georgia!!  sometimes in a Honda Accord:  in the Camry?  the old school Alpine system is booming.

Hood thing.... understand me?  please!! the stereo is worth more than the car!! and it's booming!!

It's Got To Be Good!!..not "Temple Of Dooming"...but when Adding My Two Cents In..I'm Outside The Box...

Sometimes a good thing..sometimes a bad thing...pennies paid for my thoughts..but O-Dog rocks..

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