Monday, July 04, 2016

Jimpster - Mixtape #102 - Deep House Amsterdam

It's the Fourth of July / Independence Day, but you have to excuse this dude: Digital Crate Digging still goes down...

Why ask why? let the music play per Barry White plus jokers dared me to drop insight!! digital? analog? it still goes down...

Listening to Jimpster with Mixtape #102 per Deep House Amsterdam, deep waters overflow breaking the dam..

It's the jump off as we escape / creep out of houses where we're damned if we did or didn't; damn!! 

Bumped off by the jam? creeps get hit up by the Sonic Assault, hell is caught!! James Brown Big Payback?  

We're housing them!! the masses? arousing them per this mix, check out the playlist: soon repeating, check the playback.. 

 Max Graef ft Wayne Snow – Running – Tartelet / Takuya Matsumoto  – Ram (Dub)  Meda Fury / Simba – Phase Seq One – Home Taping  / Adesse Versions – Freaks – Adesse Versions /  Jimini & Molly Knew – On The Road (Sometimes) (Flyypost Double Goosebump Vox Version)  Blind Jacks Journey  / Tristen – Pictures From Above – Aim  / Franc Spangler – Lumpsucker – Delusions Of Grandeur  / MATRiXXMAN – Soul M8 – Soo Wavey /  Corbu Sound – We Are Sound (Charles Webster Eclectic Mix) – Unknown  / Pender Street Steppers – M Flight – PPU  / Dokta Venom – Space Dust – Five Fold  / BNJMN – Shallows – Photic Fields  / Frederick – What Can I Be – Fifty Fathoms / Deep 6th Borough Project – Through The Night – Delusions Of Grandeur /  Wun Two – Dhazed – Box Aus Holz

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