Friday, July 22, 2016

Gulf Coast Escapades (I-10 Meandering) PT.3

Once again it's on!  we're calculating the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space, we're in the hooptie on Gulf Coast Escapades /  I-10 meandering. 

What's the deal? soon I'll have to race back to Atlanta to catch up on my pimping. 

It's not a simple thing; no justice no peace is the battle cry from #Baton Rouge to Nice. 

It's not a simple thing; the earth will quake as the ground shifted;  it *ain't nothing nice*

Who's paying the price? per Gavin Long aka Cosmo Setepenra, ground zero shifted from Ferguson to Baton Rouge...

Black man stay strong was the mantra!! a player was asking have you seen her per the Chi-Lites while I was rolling down I-10 outside of Houston  listening to St Germain / Rose Rouge.

Over in Munich Germany? evil is how the work will be, somebody will shoot the mall up...

Acting brand new with me? who'll work with me? boots on the ground? reserves they'll call up..

We're putting it down on so many levels! beats are dropped, blogging and even 

We're out here dealing with so many devils! it seems they're rehearsing for time spent in hell; the drama goes down during the 100 degree heat binging

Gulf coast escapades led to  I-10 meandering, even Lake Pontchartrain Causeway crossing. 

Not engulfed in flames, playing games!! no playing 9th Ward in pain? per Hurricane Katrina peace is a lost thing!!

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