Monday, February 28, 2022

The Derailment (Part Five)

 There’s always something, reality will put you to the test! who’s passing or failing it?

Oh yes! the train of thought was rolling, but  setbacks / obstacles aka objects on track will lead to a derailment!

O-Zone? running / telling it on this Monday morning but no snitching is involved I’m just dropping breakbeat science even though the prosecution objects to these motions. 

Thought and fashion police will try to sanction us like Vladimir Putin but he’s supported by GOP types with his notions. 

Now a war has jumped off but not just in Ukraine; the situation? critical, even my constituents are in pain as they try to escape across the viaduct!

Check out the derailment, it’s wicked! check out these I-20 Chronicles, can’t ignore those on the Westside in Atlanta under the bridge down on their luck. Gamblers out for a fast buck aka these oligarchs worldwide took my constituents for a ride; possessing next to nothing? it’s worse than that. But I digress; now fighting back like Zelensky in Ukraine needing ammunition not a ride, through the portal we slide!! we’re out here dealing with so called authorities protecting interests that are corporate.

Trying to get the train back on the track but some will try to hold us back; check the crisis, initiated by a corporate CEO, A full moon pirate or a back alley / dark street crook!

Juxtapose them; a derailment coming, this New Moon in Pisces for them? the judge will throw the book.. them; but his train of thought derailed, the bench will smudge, white dust scatters..
..the judge’s drug supply fell out of the Bible that defendants solemnly swear on; damn! the judge a crook too? now he tries to claim justice matters.

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