Sunday, February 06, 2022

The Tables Turned (Part Seven)

 We’re taking it to the bridge like James Brown mentioned, good thing that when we crossed it earlier?  it wasn't burned!!

If that had happened? we would have to deal with the karma; that's what happens when the tables turned!!

The bad omen? oh!! our intuition kicked in plus we visualized the sequence; it was written in the ashes. The author? they’re considered wicked, a game peeper / visualizer with a fresh view / fresh vision that society bashes. Make a wish? others that are actually wicked ask you to kick it with them, said they’re running things! Like Trump running the GOP they hold the key supposedly. The advice? flee! it seems like the tables have turned, somebody is gonna learn unless all the books are burned like in Tennessee! proceed to the far side of goodbye, escape the day!

“It ain’t nothing nice” ; some say it’s all love, they even used to hold hands but the tables turned; now all I see are clashes. “It ain’t nothing nice”; one who understands saw it coming, now they have us all coming and going; but like the Phoenix they’ll rise from the ashes. Some couldn’t pay the price; soon I see footprints in the snow; did someone escape the day? They didn’t think twice per Donald Byrd, you heard? they’ll find their way.

Check the Sunday Jazz reference, later on we’ll show benevolence by dropping the sound.

The tables turned, vinyl, CD’s and MP3’s are manipulated as we rock the sound!

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