Tuesday, February 08, 2022

The Tables Turned (Part Eight)

 On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way?  the numbers weren’t falling in the craps game, did we need to get up from the table? 

Ms. Peters the fourth grade teacher said “we can’t trust to luck” plus Public Enemy said We Can’t Truss It; lessons learned from the fable?

Bridges burned after some were enabled? others crashed in Pittsburgh,  I guess it was a good deal to pass Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Bill. 

No need for the duct tape in this corrupt state? please! for freedom we’re still riding especially per Black History Month, we’re still trying to rectify the shady deal!

Oh yeah! we’re still out here trying to wheel and deal per being in survival mode!

We’re also trying to heal after the tables turned, situations went sideways truth be told!

Salt in the wound? let the healing process begin, we’re out here dealing with it. The tables turned from one extreme to another; cold like Siberia / hot like the Sahara? it’ll still hurt / we’re still feeling it! Out here dealing with it as the tables turned; Red October / Nuclear winter? Hotter Than July with a stormy black summer? from North Korea to Ukraine I heard the war drummer, rhetorical / political. Out here dealing with it as the tables turned? this Winter Soldier is trying to get over, give me time? dropping this good word and bringing the funky drummer as I unleashed tranquility, I let it all go.

Out here dealing with it as the tables turned; lessons learned? things go the other way!

Out here dealing with it! the fables, fiction or nonfiction will have a brotha feeling some kind of way!

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