Thursday, February 03, 2022

The Tables Turned (Part Six)

 What goes around comes around was the word from Miss Joyce, now the tables have turned!

Knowledgeable like the advice from that Louisville / Newburg dude Mr. Cole concerning a “rat race / dog eat dog world” ; that lesson was also learned.

The tables turned! similar to the South / Midwest and Northeast its a storm we’re going through but we’re shining like a diamond in the rain. Lessons learned if you’re paying attention, but some are distracted per survival tactics during this ongoing pandemic; my folk are in pain. The tables turned, supply chain issues have some offended by second hand roses? oh yes! they’ll complain.

The tables turned; they’ll have to maintain but they’re offended by snow dusted wishes that melt away; heard saying damn!! oh no!! not again!

The tables turned, the earth disturbed but not from World Of Warcraft but on other levels; at the construction site Caterpillar and Mack trucks were running amuck, meanwhile others press their luck! similar to the caterpillar/ butterfly in the classroom avoiding experiments? Maybe so; per gentrification here in Atlanta a social experiment is taking place, plus check the art per puzzle heart butterflies already assembled. The saga / struggle continue aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on as the world turned; some remembered it’s a cold world, especially after they heard the glassy iced whispers. The saga / struggle continue aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on as the tables turned; in the hooptie rubber was burned out on I-20 in Atlanta in the dead of the night we dipped / disappeared.

Then after intergalactic maneuvers we reappeared as the tables turned in our favor, especially on this Thankful Thursday so we're grateful!!

Reflecting on past episodes since it's also a Throwback Thursday, have things always been this way? seeing what's up / seeing what it do!

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