Friday, July 09, 2021

The I-20 Chronicles; Oh Yes! We’re Back Out Here!

Check out these I-20 Chronicles, once again it's on!! Oh Yes!! we’re still out here!

We’re back after a brief hiatus, rolling up I-85 and I-77 is how we played this up in Charlotte, the Queen City, we were up there..

..up on South and West Boulevard plus Tryon Street, it was all good but it still reminded me it’s hard on the boulevard / out in these streets!

Skyscrapers filled the skyline but it’s still rough out here for mine, dealing with matrix architect alt shift deletes

July? check us out as we pull up on Cancer season we’ll proceed with these endless stories! From Throwback Thursday when I started writing this or even today’s Flashback Friday old school funk was the influence like Parliament’s Aqua Boogie

Also eclectic / intergalactic per I-20 in Atlanta being my gateway to the universe; even on Mars Mermaid tails and angel wings sway underwater! Oh yes! A dude sails off to Mars like the Perseverance Rover but up in the mothership fueled by the sound; yes! Mars has water!

Check the attitude, Issues? Oh yeah, they’re numerous, while we’re on earth it’ll be a cornucopia! Check the attitude, I’m trying to suppress them like these GOP states vs voting! Checked the longitude / latitude for negativity’s oasis before I jumped on I-20 in Atlanta, some areas are the home of a beggar’s heart.. What will the deal be? we’re over this! we jumped on I-20 in Atlanta we’re moving on! we’ll make a new start..

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