Saturday, July 24, 2021

Moving Forward: Now What’s Next? (Part Five)

 Check us out on this Saturday morning as we proceed and continue to move forward!

Now what’s next? already knowing that the sport is complex: we’ll have to exercise Supreme Courage we can’t be a coward!

That’s not how it works, especially in these days and times; I already warned you that it’s rough out here!

Moving forward never backwards, it’s all about growth so we’re taking it there!

Streaking across the galaxy unlike billionaires wasting money like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson!! already mentioned by Gil Scott Heron with Whitey On The Moon?  wasn't in Kansas like Dorothy and Toto anymore per the Wizard Of Oz....but I was ready to holla; but I see its not about me!

Epiphanies discovered out there while chilling with extra terrestrials; had a strategy but some continue to doubt me!

Voters recall a bruh like like they're trying to do Gavin Newsome out in California!! peeping game, a scout will be posted up at practice taking pictures like Bill Belichek's crew.

But were going all out, moving forward so now what's next?  check this by product from the we make it do what it do!

Down here in Atlanta; spotted big homie getting his mack game on!! said he was through paying dues / refused to lose!! .Stacy Adams shoes, suit by Steve Harvey or J Anthony Brown! he thought his game was good!

Now whats up with a bruh? the game goes sideways just like the Atlanta Hawks or even the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs! The Milwaukee Bucks showed everyone their game is good!

Damn!!! it's rough out here, I keep telling y’all,  these games in the hood can be sweet one moment and bitter the next!

That's word from old dude up at the old Checker Cab stand in Louisville Kentucky; whats up with me? whats up with it? as we move on to the next!

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