Saturday, July 10, 2021

DownTown | Jazzhop

 Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we put it down on this Saturday afternoon soon transitioning into Saturday evening!!

Saturday morning? we started out jazz housing, so we're not quitting / stopping we'll keep it moving / believing!!

We keep achieving, still out there on I-20 in Atlanta like I mentioned earlier! we've still got work to do!!

Still out here, cruising through Downtown Atlanta people still out there even though it's a rainy day; "doing what they do"

Back in the lab? listening to DownTown | Jazzhop courtesy of Fantastic Music, they blessed us with the jazz house earlier...

Sonic rehab taking place! Afternoon Jazzing!! check out the playlist and the mix per this fantastic music!! we're just trying to work with ya!!

♫ Tracklist ♫

00:00 RudeManners - The Last Cherry Blossom 01:49 Jinsang - Flow On 05:22 Nohidea. - Haiku 07:03 mr. käfer - Cosmic Harmonies 09:29 Gorila - takeshi 12:09 BluntOne - New Dawn 14:32 Flofilz - Dulce 16:36 Freddie Joachim - Breeze 18:50 charlie toØ human - Walk in the park 20:55 Gorila - Vous 24:07 B-Side. - Pair 27:08 Gorila - Parttime 29:30 Freddie Joachim - Autumn Rain 31:45 Oskar Hahn - Triggers 34:28 Pabzzz - Together 36:42 BluntOne - Sunny Side Up 38:30 Oskar Hahn - Anikawer 41:20 BROCKBEATS - Hot Spring 43:23 BluntOne - passing by.

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