Sunday, July 18, 2021

Moving Forward / Now Whats Next? (Part Three)

We’re back on this Sunday morning after a brief hiatus, you might have caught us rolling down the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail aka I-75 up in Kentucky, back and forth to Louisville. 

How will we play this? the saga / struggle continues, in Tennessee wannabe dictators like Gov. Bill Lee implement policies concerning Covid 19 vaccination, emphasizing the catch phrase that the struggle is real!

On I-75 in Tennessee they emphasized the shady deal with the giant cross next to the adult bookstore!

Now we’re back in Georgia where Gov. Kemp is carrying water for Trump and his cronies who are still worried about the 2020 election, in Fulton County  trying to change the score!

Meanwhile we’re moving forward, so what’s next? so called pundits and experts say it’s all mental, we were told to caress the flame.. 

 While moving forward we recognized the pattern realizing that it’s all game! now ignoring so called pundits and experts who supposedly had the answer to playing the game!!

 So what’s next in this sport that’s complex? Don’t you feel it? it’s electric! Boogie Woogie Woogie per Marcia Griffiths with the Electric Slide!! supposedly magnetic, check the spark from the touch.. 

 So what’s next in this sport that’s complex? now some are acting erratic, in need of a respite! it was just too much...

Moving forward, but it’s easy to do too much! the life storms were heavy, the rain at midnight was remarkable.. Reminded of it due to the storms in the Ohio Valley while I was in Louisville, forces of nature are remarkable! ..also spiritual, unwritten rules? after the storms roll through things are never the same.. What it do? we’re moving forward on to the next as the atmosphere shifts due to the winds of change..

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